…there has been a school on Philomethian Street continuously since 1843?

…more than 40 houses and buildings have been moved in Chagrin Falls?

…there used to be a fountain in Triangle Park?

…the ​Philomethian auditorium and gym are 75 years old?

…that there used to be a fish hatchery in town?

…the Cuyahoga County Fair used to be in Chagrin Falls?

…the man who invented Life Savers lived in Chagrin Falls?

…why there is a bump on the east side of Cuyahoga County?

…there was a street called Sophia in Chagrin Falls?

…Chagrin Falls is not the first Chagrin?

…there was a murder and bank robbery in Chagrin?

…there was a large industrial explosion in Chagrin Falls?

…there are over 100 Civil War veterans buried in Evergreen Hill cemetery?

…the Civil War cannon has been in Chagrin Falls for 130 years as of 2016?

…Gurney Elementary School is 50 years old as of 2016?

…a one-time Chagrin Falls resident treated President Garfield after he was shot?

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