Importance of Education in Chagrin Falls

Education has been a priority in Chagrin Falls from the very beginning. Chagrin Falls was settled in 1833, and the first schools in Chagrin were Orange Township schools until 1845 when Chagrin Falls Township was established. These early schools were scattered around the village, on Washington St., North St., Cottage St. and Maple St., and after 1845, around the township.  

The Education Committee of the Chagrin Falls Historical Society & Museum is centered around teaching children about Chagrin Falls history. The Committee goes into the schools and teaches lessons to various grades in the school system.

What we can do:

  • The Historical Society provides age appropriate programs for students from pre-K through 12, that follow the curriculum requirements of local public, private and parochial schools. Programs may consist of hands-on projects, lectures, multimedia presentations, exhibits and/or displays, using the resources available at the museum.
  • Programs may be offered onsite or as traveling programs.
  • Programs may focus on aspects of the history of Chagrin Falls or may illustrate national and international events as reflected in the Society’s collections.
  • Field Trips. If your school or Scout troop is located in the area, we do accommodate field trips to the Chagrin Falls Historical Society & Museum. Field Trips include a short lesson by the staff and a tour of the museum. To schedule a field trip please email Ruth Zeager at [email protected]

Education Program

The Education Coordinator of the Chagrin Falls Historical Society works with the teachers in the Chagrin Falls District to schedule lessons for each of the classes. The Education Committee plans each of the lessons that pertain to the Learning Standards for Social Studies set forth at each grade level by the State of Ohio. All committee volunteers are retired teachers from area schools.

Lesson Plans

  • Third Grade
    • All third graders in the district receive a two day lesson on the history of Chagrin Falls. We leave a History Container for the teachers to enrich our lessons with the students. Family passes are given to students to bring their family to the Museum.
    • All third graders also have the opportunity to enter a contest to Lead the Parade, Blossom Parade by writing what historical location is their favorite and why in Chagrin. Three students are selected to ride in our lead car, a ’57 Chevrolet Police Car.
  • Fourth Grade
    • All 4th graders we the Underground Railroad and its history in Chagrin Falls. It is a fascinating study that the students enjoy learning about.
    • A Historical Container is left in the room to enhance the lesson. Family passes are given to students to bring their family to the Museum.
  • Fifth Grade
    • Lesson on the Native Americans of North East Ohio and Chagrin Area.
    • We leave a Historical Container to enhance the lesson presented. Family passes are given to students to bring their family to the Museum.
  • Sixth Grade
    • All sixth graders come to the Museum over a two-day period as part of their Economics Unit. The students are taught economics vocabulary as it applies to manufacturing sites in early Chagrin Falls.
  • Multiple Grades
    • A class of 4th 5th and 6th graders comes to the Museum to research a building older than 100 years in Chagrin Falls. They work in groups, and present their research, with photos, on their Chrome book for a QR reader to be put onto the building.
  • Eleventh Grade
    • The eleventh-grade government classes receive a lesson on the history of Government in Chagrin Falls, that lesson is followed with a lesson of Chagrin Falls government solving a Village problem. The students choose to learn about illegal gambling and horse racing 100 years ago in Chagrin.
  • Twelfth Grade
    • The Historical Society provides scholarships to selected applicants in their senior year.
    • We encourage Senior Projects.

For more information or to schedule a field trip please contact Ruth Zeager at [email protected]