The Chagrin Falls Historical Society acquired a beautiful painting by Henry
Church Jr. 1836-1908. Henry Church Jr. was a Chagrin Falls Blacksmith and
self taught sculptor and artist. His work is exhibited in many museums
throughout the United States including the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art
Museum in Williamsburg, Va. Church also has been acclaimed for his carving
of Squaw Rock and his Sculpture The Young Lion and the Fatling Together,
which is now at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

The painting entitled “Snufftakers” measures about 37 X 24 inches. It is oil
on paper, with the paper then being glued onto a woven material and
stretched across a frame. The painted is signed and dated 1865, and when
illuminated seems to glow with rich colors. An image very similar to this was
used in the late 1800’s for an award winning advertisement for Lorillard
Snuff. This painting becomes the 3rd work of Henry Church Jr. owned by the
museum and we hope to be able to acquire more. This painting was
purchased through an auction house and has been fully restored.

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