7/5 Day is a one-day only, online fundraiser to celebrate Chagrin History Center’s 75th anniversary! On Friday July 5th, we are asking for donations having to do with the number 75. For example, you could donate $75, $7.50, $750, or even 75₵! Or, if you’re feeling rambunctious, you can multiply 7 x 5 and donate $35, add them and donate $12, subtract them and donate $2, etc., etc.

Donations help fund educational programs for Chagrin Falls schools, public presentations, community outreach, such as the July 4th Community Celebration, as well as our ability to collect and preserve Chagrin Falls history.

To donate, click the button below!

Or checks can be mailed to

Chagrin History Center

P.O. Box 515

Chagrin Falls, OH 44022