Museum hours:
Wednesday 11am-3pm
Thursday 2-7pm
Friday 11am-3pm
Saturday 11am-3pm
Our top priority is the health and safety of our volunteers and visitors. Everyone who enters the museum will be required to sign in and use hand sanitizer. Anyone who is able will be required to wear masks. The museum is providing disposable masks and will have hand sanitizer available. The volunteers and staff will be cleaning and sanitizing surfaces regularly.

    The Chagrin Falls Historical Society discovers, preserves, and shares evidence of and knowledge about the history of Chagrin Falls and vicinity. The Society does this to enable all who live, work, and visit the area to appreciate its past, understand its present, and plan for its future.
Through the CARES Act, you can now deduct up to $300 of your charitable contributions in 2020 even if you do not itemize your deductions! Consider supporting your local history today!


Civil War Memorial
Transient Camps
church's lion
church painting