One Mission DVD

One Mission: Chagrin Falls, produced by Todd D. Lyle, presents interviews with former soldiers, sailors, aviators, and nurses from Chagrin Falls who tell about their service to America. The stories were filmed in Chagrin Falls on Memorial Day weekend in 2012. Run Time – 59:34. $10.00

Barns of Chagrin Poster

This 18″ x 24″ poster is printed from a painting by Nancy Martt of 22 barns in Chagrin Falls, many of which now act as garages. See how many you can recognize. The poster is printed with high-quality inks on heavy paper. $50.00

Antique Dolls Puzzle

This 336 piece jigsaw puzzle (finished size 12″ x 18″) features our antique doll collection. It is harder that it looks and might not be suitable for children. $20.00

Aerial View of Chagrin Falls Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle features an aerial view of Chagrin Falls from a watercolor and ink painting by John H. Corrigan. Available in two sizes: 336 pieces (finished size 12″ x 18″) or 1000 pieces (finished size 20″ x 28″.) Not intended for small children. 336 pieces $20.00 1000 pieces $30.00 Size 336 pieces $20.00 USD1000 pieces $30.00 USD

Chagrin Falls Tote Bag

Our heavy canvas tote bag features a map of Chagrin Falls and some of its landmarks on one side. $17.50

Stranahan Folding Canvas Boat Company

by Don Barriball The Stranahan folding canvas boats were small, wood framed, canvas covered boats that weighed about 25 pounds. They were manufactured in Chagrin Falls from 1879 until 1890, although exact dates are unclear. John Jay Stranahan, editor of the Exponent newspaper, was one of several owners of the company. This short booklet tells the history of the company and shows several patent drawings of the boat. OUT OF STOCK

1930’s Christmas Card

These beautiful cards showing Triangle Park and the bandstand were created from a photo in our archives.  The cards measure 5 x 6.5 inches and say Season’s Greetings. You will get 8 cards and envelopes. $10.00

Max Barnard Christmas Cards

Max Barnard was a self taught folk artist whose works are sought by collectors. These two winter scenes make beautiful cards. The cards measure 5.5 x 7 inches and say Season’s Greetings. You will get 8 cards and envelopes.      $10.00

Sue Roby Christmas Cards

This beautiful holiday card showing the Chagrin Falls bandstand in the snow was designed by Sue Roby. The card measures 4 x 8 inches and says Season’s Greetings. You will get 8 cards and envelopes. $14.00 Back in Stock!
Poster of three sheep in the snow

Old Man Winter Poster

This beautiful painting by Henry Church Jr. was one of the first paintings that we had restored.  Created in 1878, the rich colors and images draw you into the painting.  The poster measures about 18 x 24 inches and was created from a photo by Terry Taggart. $25.00

Dexter Poster

Chagrin artist and blacksmith Henry Church Jr. created a sculpture of his pet Greyhound Dexter. The sculpture is made from cast iron, weighs about 400 lbs., and can be seen in the CHFS museum.  Our 18 x 24 inch poster is printed from a photo by Terry Taggart. $25.00

If Chagrin Could Sing

This delightful CD is a collection of original songs and lyrics written by Tom Luckay and Marge Adler.   Some of the titles include: Blossom Time A Hardware Kind of Guy Pumpkin Roll Hill The Popcorn Shop and many more.  Marge Adler’s arrangements and Tom’s Lyrics will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart. $10.00

Curator’s Corner

Christmas in the Kitchen by Pat Zalba – Volunteer Curator             Chagrin was a milltown in its early years (1833 into the early 20th century) There were mills located along the river, from Whitesburg, through town, and around the river bend by River Run Park on Solon Road. The Kitchen display represents a Village millworker’s family Christmas celebration. It is decorated with mostly homemade items, and includes a reproduction feather tree with cookies, cakes, popcorn and … Read More