Christmas in the Kitchen

by Pat Zalba – Volunteer Curator


Chagrin was a milltown in its early years (1833 into the early 20th century) There were mills located along the river, from Whitesburg, through town, and around the river bend by River Run Park on Solon Road.

The Kitchen display represents a Village millworker’s family Christmas celebration. It is decorated with mostly homemade items, and includes a reproduction feather tree with cookies, cakes, popcorn and apples on the table. Paper chains adorn the windows. Furniture made in Chagrin Falls is also in the display. The table was made at Mr. Warren’s carpentry shop near Triangle Park in the 1870’s. The four matching chairs were made at the Maple Grove Factory (now the River run Park area) Circa 1840s. The potato masher, butter molds, bowls and paddles are from the Bullard Woodenware Co., circa 1860s. It was located on the river bank bordered by West Washington Street. The many sad irons in the kitchen were manufactured by the Williams, Ober and Chagrin Falls iron foundries in the 1880s and 1890s.

The highlight of the Christmas season for the family would be the service and program held at their church. The children would present a Christmas program, followed by a gift, a little candy box, and maybe an orange for each child. If you were lucky you might also receive some homemade mittens or a toy at home on Christmas morning.

We hope you can come for a visit!

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