Historic Chagrin Falls listed by the National Park Service

Historic Districts Chagrin Falls West Side Historic DistrictBounded by Franklin, Maple, Church, and East Washington Streets, this district was established October 9, 1974. Chagrin Falls Triangle Park Commercial District Chagrin Falls Triangle Park Commercial District Main, Franklin, & Washington Sts. also at the junction of N. Main and E. Orange Sts. extending East & South. This district was established Oct. 1, 1974. Chagrin Falls East Side Historic District East Washington and Philomethian Sts. This district was established June 14, 2013 … Read More

Early Churches in Chagrin Falls

There were five early churches in Chagrin Falls, the planners envisioned all churches tobe located around a projected public square. As was the case with all the early churches, they first met in private homes. The First Congregational Society The First Congregational Society was formed in 1835, just two years after the settlement of Chagrin Falls was formed. By 1844 they were raising money to build a church house. The Congregational Church was located on the north side of the … Read More

The History of Chagrin Falls Schools

Chagrin Falls has always been known for the excellence of its teachers and schools. The quality of our schools is often given as the top reason people desire to move to this wonderful community. You can visit the official Chagrin Falls school website at: http://www.chagrin-falls.k12.oh.us/ Listed below is a short history of the different school buildings that have been in Chagrin Falls. Tom Mattern has written an excellent history of the Chagrin Falls School area and his book can be … Read More


The Village of Chagrin Falls possesses two historic cemeteries, Grove Hill Cemetery and Evergreen Hill Cemetery. These two cemeteries serve as the burial grounds for a variety of prominent Chagrin residents and war veterans. The first burial was made in Grove Hill during the year Chagrin Falls was founded, in 1833. The Village of Chagrin Falls went on to establish the Evergreen cemetery in 1863 for residents of the village and township. Today, both cemeteries continue to serve as an … Read More

Century Home Plaque Program

Mission:• To create community pride in our historic homes• To plaque qualified century homes• To promote and contribute accurate research to the Historical Society’s archive of century plaqued homes. Welcome:We welcome you to unravel the mysteries of your historic home by investigating its origins, structural history and chain of ownership. We encourage you to do your own research. If you wish, you may hire an accredited researcher, from those listed on the Ohio Historic Preservation Office website, to help you. … Read More

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