Projects include but not limited to: • Catalog objects into the museum collections database– artwork, textiles, artifacts, photographs • Assist with the research and development of our new Touchscreen project • Digitize museum collections • Research and write about the collection for our newsletter and social media • Assist in the physical organization of the museum collections Benefits: • Gain hands-on experience in a museum library environment. • Learn how to use PastPerfect museum software • Experience working in a … Read More


Volunteers are crucial to running a local history museum. Volunteers created the Historical Society in 1949 and have helped operate the Society ever since! On average, we have over 100 volunteers per year helping out with various aspects of the museum. You too can join our community of volunteers! We are always looking for more people to help with a variety of activities that keep the museum running smoothly. Are you interested in volunteering in any of these areas? Please … Read More


Importance of Education in Chagrin Falls Education has been a priority in Chagrin Falls from the very beginning. Chagrin Falls was settled in 1833, and the first schools in Chagrin were Orange Township schools until 1845 when Chagrin Falls Township was established. These early schools were scattered around the village, on Washington St., North St., Cottage St. and Maple St., and after 1845, around the township.   The Education Committee of the Chagrin Falls Historical Society & Museum is centered … Read More

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