There are three historic districts in Chagrin Falls:

  • Triangle Park commercial district
  • East side historic district
  • West side historic district

You can read more about the historic districts by clicking here.

CFHS has developed a walking tour of homes in the west side historic district. You can download a copy of the tour here. If you would like to avoid the walk you can see photos of some of the homes below. We have added our east side museum at 87 E. Washington St. to the list. Click on the images for a larger view, and use your <back> button to return.

87 E. Washington St.
The current home of the Chagrin Falls Historical Society & Museum was built in 1874 for George H. Ober, co-owner of the Ober Manufacturing Company. He lived in this house with his wife Martha and children Archie and Lena until his death in 1903. The front porch and front façade picture window were added between 1899 and 1913. The house became a funeral home in 1940, and was converted to an office building in 2000. The Historical Society purchased the building in 2014 and launched a capital campaign to restore and renovate the building during 2014-2015. It is now home of the Museum, Sihler Research Center, and Bo Burr Community Room.

Bullard home with several people standing outside 64 W. Washington St.
This home was built in 1877 by Joseph O’Malley, a prominent builder who built many houses in the village. It is a prime example of Victorian architecture, with wings, bays, and ornate trim. It was the home of John Bullard whose wooden ware factory was across the river behind the house. Lucy Bullard left the house to the Congregational Church in 1917 for use as a parsonage. It remained under custodial care of the Church for 60 years, but was eventually sold by the Bullard heirs to a private family.

Home at 54 Church St. 54 Church St.
This home was built by Joseph O’Malley for his own use in 1873. It was later owned by Austin and Olive Rose Church, and remained in the Church family line until recently.

Home at 48 Church St. 48 Church St.
This home was also built by Joseph O’Malley. It was owned by the Stem family, descendants of the Church family, after 1924.

Color photo of an ornate white house. 56 Water St.
This house was built in 1875 for the Zeno Eggleston family. Zeno Eggleston owned a variety store with his brother in the building now occupied by Fireside Bookshop (29 N. Franklin St.). The house originally had a porch on three sides, and a barn which is now part of the property at 68 Water St. The house stayed in the Eggleston family until 1946. The new owners undertook a major remodeling project inside, and added a sunroom and a two-car garage.

68 Water St.
In 1875 Joseph O’Malley built the house at 56 Water St. for the Eggleston family. He liked it so much that he built this mirror image house next door for himself. He lived here for 14 years. Fitch M. Adams, one of the owners of the Adams Bag Company was an early owner of the house. From 1950 to 1965 the house was owned by Marian Jencick, the first curator of the Chagrin Falls Historical Society, who bequeathed her doll collection to the museum.

51 Water St.
This Gothic Revival style house was built between 1835 and 1840. The chapel window with matching shutters and decorative trim is prominent on the second floor. The center section, which dates to the mid-1830s, has cellar walls of solid rock 2 feet thick and a slate floor. Dentist Dr. J. E. Phelps bought the house in 1865 and operated a dental office in the rear. Central heating was installed in the 1870’s, and plumbing and running water were installed after WWI.

60 S. Franklin St.
This home of J. W. Williams was built in 1873. Williams owned a foundry that produced sad irons, cast iron banks, and toys. The exterior trim, first floor windows, 10 ft. high front doors and exterior brick are original. The cupola was removed in a renovation in the 1950’s, but otherwise the house looks about the same as it did in this photo. The lady and gentleman on the walk are probably John Wesley and Fanny Williams.