Grove Hill was so named because of the grove of Maple trees that was located along the top of the hill. Historically, Grove Hill encompassed the area from where Summit intersects with Chagrin Blvd on the west, to North Street on the East. The first resident on Grove Hill was Noah Graves, who is credited with being the founder of Chagrin Falls. His home is depicted in a woodcut below by Jehu Brainerd.

Bayard Tavern at northwest corner of West Orange and North Main Streets. In the 1840s it was a stage coach stop on the way from Cleveland to Warren, Ohio. Noah Graves’ house is pictured on the hill. Graves home was built in 1834. The tavern was built in 1835 by Mr. Bushnell. Mr. Bushnell first built a barn back (north) of the tavern sometime before 1834. Cattle and horses were kept on the first floor and the Bushnells lived in the loft, taking in travelers. The first store in Chagrin Falls was in the Tavern. This image is a copy of a woodcut done by Jehu Brainerd probably in the 1840s. Later this hotel was known as the Union House and the Colby House. Chagrin Falls Historical Society & Museum Photograph Collection, 1992.5.33, Donated by Mrs. Miriam Church Stem.

The History of Grove Hill is intertwined with the history of Chagrin Falls. Many of the original settlers and businessmen had properties on Grove Hill.

View of Chagrin Falls from Grove Hill possibly taken between 1850-1870. Chagrin Falls Historical Society & Museum Photograph Collection, PC10.28.169, Donated by Kevin MacRitchie.

In 1859, Westel Hunt, a tuition student at the Chagrin Falls Union School wrote an essay which included the following. ..Standing on the hill that stretches along the north of the town, we behold a beautiful village spread out before us. Looking to the East we see the upper part of town—the paper mill now in
the course of construction. Turning your eyes in different directions you behold foundries, machine, cabinet and mechanic shops of various descriptions. Nor is this all, for here is situated one of the great wonders of the age. The shoe peg factory that furnishes shoe pegs to the thousands scattered up and down our land. Various other articles for the comfort and use of mankind are manufactured here.