One of our cases of dolls We are working to make our large collection of antique, and now more modern dolls, tell the story of these toys and their owners across time.   What message did the doll give to the little girl who received her? How did events in the world affect the dolls that were produced? Why were dolls so pervasive a toy for girls?
Much of the history of women was never written and remains lost, but little girls have left us their dolls to tell us many stories, and they reveal both mysteries and histories. We agree that “ ….dolls have a kind of immortality not granted to humans” Doll Talk, Vol. 17, No. 6 pg 14.

Come visit!   Marnie Albers, doll curator

One of our cases of dollsHere are two of the cases of dolls that we have on display. Click on the images for a larger view.

One of our most popular dolls has two faces – smiling and crying, controlled with a knob in her bonnet.