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In the early years of the village the deceased were often buried on the family farm. In the 1840s, a common burial ground was laid out by George Stocking on Grove Hill. The Grove Hill Cemetery quickly filled necessitating the acquisition of land on S. Franklin St. that became Evergreen Hill Cemetery.

The first burial in the new cemetery took place in 1863. A walk through Evergreen Hill is a walk through village history and changing burial practices. During the Victorian era, large monuments marked large family plots. Now, large family plots are few and monuments are much smaller.

Reading the headstones gives a sense of the variety of people who came to Chagrin, from the early New England settlers to the later immigrants from other countries. Markers can be found for veterans, fire fighters, and various service organizations. Due to space restrictions, only residents of the village can own lots at Evergreen Hill Cemetery.

Photo for Village Cemeteries
Henry Church, Jr. standing beside the monument he built in Evergreen Hill Cemetery which had been placed there prior to his death.
Photo for Village Cemeteries
Bullard family plot at Evergreen Hill Cemetery.
Photo for Village Cemeteries
Decorated urn in Grove Hill Cemetery on North Main St. taken in 1968.

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