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The cannon in front of Village Hall is a relic of the Civil War, although it is unlikely that it was fired by any ‘Chagrin Boys’. In 1886, members of the Grand Army of the Republic sought to get a cannon for ceremonial purposes. They arranged to purchase a 12lb Napoleon and brought it to Chagrin.

It has been located in various areas around the village: Triangle Park; atop Grove Hill; Evergreen Hill Cemetery; and in front of Village Hall. At one point it went missing for a few years. A group of Civil War reenactors borrowed the cannon for use in their reenactments. They spent time and money refurbishing it and decided that because of their investment they could keep it. The Village law director took legal action to get it back.

It has been years since the cannon was last fired. It recently was refurbished to repair deterioration of the carriage.

Photo for Cannon
Civil War cannon being fired at Evergreen Hill Cemetery on Memorial Day 2000.
Photo for Cannon
Civil War cannon on Triangle Park circa 1936. World War I memorial is to the left of the cannon.
Photo for Cannon
Civil War cannon in front of Chagrin Falls Village Hall at 21 West Washington Street in 2015.
Photo for Cannon
Civil War cannon on Triangle Park circa 1911. Notice the interurban train in the background.

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