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Quilts are covers made of two layers of fabric with a soft filling stitched in patterns and sewn to a backing. They were used for warmth on a bed, covering for doors and windows, floor mats, and at times, currency to pay bills. The quilts in our collection depict celebrations, events, communities, friendship, societies and popular themes of the time period. We have many kinds of quilts dating from 1844 to 2016.

Crazy quilts were popular in Victorian times and were made from more delicate scraps of material such as silk and velvet using special threads and stitches. The oldest quilt in our collection is red, white and blue and was made by Bethema Webster Shaw of Newbury. We have a wedding ring quilt made of green, yellow, pink and multicolored patterns.

One of our most unusual quilts depicts an aerial view of the village. It is a wall hanging created by Benita Cullinan for Cuyahoga Savings Bank.

Photo for Quilts
Red, white and blue quilt made by Bethena Webster Shaw of Newbury, Geauga County, Ohio in 1844.
Photo for Quilts
Silk crazy quilt. Crazy quilts were popular in the1800s. This one is dated 1883.
Photo for Quilts
Wedding ring pattern quilt. Green, yellow, cream multi-color quilt. Sunflowers are embroidered in the center of the rings.
Photo for Quilts
This quilt was commissioned by the Cuyahoga Savings Bank in 1978. The quilt was created by Benita Cullinan and it depicts a whimsical aerial view of downtown Chagrin Falls.

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