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The costume collection spans the years of the mid Nineteenth Century to the late Twentieth Century. We have clothing for babies, children, and adults. Women’s clothing makes up the greater part of the collection with dresses and gowns from the 1840s into the 1990s, along with 100 years of wedding dresses.

There are undergarments and accessories such as hats, purses, gloves, shoes, shawls, parasols and fans. Women’s capes and cloaks made of wool and velveteen with decorations of feathers, lace, braids, beads and ‘brilliants’ add an elegant touch to the collection. Men’s items include vests, suits and top hats and a collection of U.S military uniforms, worn by Chagrin Falls veterans from the Civil War to the Vietnam War.

Our children’s collection includes baptismal dresses for girls and boys and many beautiful handmade clothes for young children.

Photo for Costumes
Arloine Genevieve Selden Burtch in her wedding dress on her wedding day on August 30th, 1917.
Photo for Costumes
White cotton infant’s baptismal dress from early 1900s. The dress is long with bands and lace down the front panel. Both girls and boys wore these dresses for their baptism.
Photo for Costumes
A handmade evening coat from 1870-1890. Made with deep purple velvet and lined with black silk on the inside. Black beads line the front of the coat with a flower like pattern. On the back, the black beads form the pattern of an owl.
Photo for Costumes
This 2-piece girl’s dress was worn in the late 1800s.

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