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The first drugstores in Chagrin opened in the mid-1800s. Pharmacists ran these stores and made pills and compounded drugs from recipes. They sold liquid medicines which often contained alcohol. Early pharmacists in Chagrin included William Waldron whose store was on the west side of N. Main St., Dr. Walter Stannard, Henry Wikoff, Frank Vackar, Paul Sanders, Orrin Frazer and the Bright family.

By 1900 many medications were being manufactured by large pharmaceutical companies rather than being made by local pharmacists. During Prohibition, druggists could sell alcohol if the purchaser had a prescription from a doctor.

Standard Drug opened in the Masonic Temple first floor in the 1920’s and as was typical for the time, it had a soda fountain as well as a pharmacy. Speice’s Drugstore and Nall’s Drugstore both operated in Chagrin from the late 1940s until the early 1990s. Standard Drug became Revco Drugstore briefly. Barron’s Drugs opened in the Shopping Plaza in the 1960s.

Photo for Druggists
Advertising pamphlet from Dr. F.M. Vackar, druggist, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, advertising Hamlin’s Wizard Oil. The Hamlin family lived in Chagrin in the 1840s and 1850s.
Photo for Druggists
Fire Department on left and Vackar’s Pharmacy on right on North Main Street circa 1890.
Photo for Druggists
Standard Drug Store on first floor of Golden Gate Masonic Temple in 1924.
Photo for Druggists
Speice’s Drugstore on North Franklin Street in 1959.

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