Life Flows Like A River: the Elsie Ober Diaries

by Joanne Fenton Humphrey From the back cover: “Joanne Humphrey creatively combines the actual diary entries of a young woman of the late 1800s with imaginative and insightful characters whose musings and conversations breathe life into Elsie Ober.” “Using the combination of Elsie Ober’s diary, research and historical fiction, Joanne Humphrey has captured what daily life was like in Chagrin Falls in the 1880s & 1890s.” “Joanne paints a vivid picture of the boom and bust cycle of life and … Read More

Drawings of Max Barnard

by Serapio R. Zalba, ed. and Ronald M. Humphrey, graphics ed. This delightful book contains over 120 pen & ink caricatures of the people who were part of Chagrin Falls life at the turn of the 20th century.  What is fascinating is that Max created these drawings from memory when he was 60-70 years old.  Each caricature tells a nuanced story about the subject.  A fascinating trip through the history of Chagrin Falls. $5.00

The History of the Ober Manufacturing Company

by Don Barriball An illustrated history about the largest manufacturing business in Chagrin Falls, which made Chagrin’s famous sad irons, lathes, iron banks, and wooden handles which were sold around the world.  George Ober designed and produced a duplicating lathe that was sold around the world. The Chagrin Falls Historical Society and Museum is located in the home originally built by George Ober in 1874. $20.00

History of the Chagrin Hardware Company

by Don Barriball Chagrin Hardware opened in 1867 and has been in the same location for 150 years. This book is an illustrated history of the many changes since the store opened and its many owners.  The book includes pages from of old catalogues and ads printed in local newspapers, and vintage photos from the Historical Society. collection.

Cleveland & Chagrin Falls Electric Railway Co. 1897-1925

by Don Barriball The history of the Interurban line in Chagrin Falls is full of pictures and stories that illustrate how this utility effected a small community.  Don combed through years of newspaper article to compile this book, complete with many photographs from the Historical Society collection and photographs of a wide range of artifacts associated with the Cleveland and Chagrin Falls line. 120 pages $22.00

Mill Town on the Chagrin River

by Don Barriball The history of early mills and foundries in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  The book documents the early industries of Chagrin and illustrates how some of the early machinery operated.  A map of the Chagrin River showing the 9 dams that existed along a one mile stretch of the river is included. The book also describes the many products that were made. $22.00