Drawings of Max Barnard

by Serapio R. Zalba, ed. and Ronald M. Humphrey, graphics ed. This delightful book contains over 120 pen & ink caricatures of the people who were part of Chagrin Falls life at the turn of the 20th century.  What is fascinating is that Max created these drawings from memory when he was 60-70 years old.  Each caricature tells a nuanced story about the subject.  A fascinating trip through the history of Chagrin Falls. $5.00

The History of the Ober Manufacturing Company

by Don Barriball An illustrated history about the largest manufacturing business in Chagrin Falls, which made Chagrin’s famous sad irons, lathes, iron banks, and wooden handles which were sold around the world.  George Ober designed and produced a duplicating lathe that was sold around the world. The Chagrin Falls Historical Society and Museum is located in the home originally built by George Ober in 1874. $20.00

Annie’s Anecdotes

by Annie Gumprecht Annie Gumprecht (1924 – 2003) wrote this wonderful illustrated memoir about growing and celebrating holidays and seasons in Chagrin Falls. $7.00

Transient Camps in Chagrin

We purchased 4 very interesting pictures through Ebay showing a transient camp located at the Chagrin Falls Airport. Don Barriball has researched the origins and work of this camp and you can read his article below. During October of 1929 the US stock market collapsed. Financial panic and depression became worldwide. In May 1931 the Austrian Credit-Anstalt failed. The credit crunch caused international bankruptcies and unemployment around the planet. The 1930 population of the USA was 123,202,624 (U.S. Census Bureau). … Read More

Life with the Interurban Railway

(Editor’s Note: Grace Ambos, a longtime friend of Barbara Taggart, described her many trips on the Interurban in her diary, which came into Barbara Taggart’s possession after Grace’s death. Barbara loaned the diary to the Historical Society so that we might make a copy or transcription of it. Zo Sykora volunteered to make the transcription, and wrote this charming piece for our newsletter.) The Chagrin Interurban cars carried milk and other freight to Cleveland; they carried mail back and forth … Read More

Church’s Lion Returns Home

After 18 years at the Cleveland Museum of Art, The Lion and the Fatling return home to Evergreen Hill Cemetery. It was an emotional, awesome sight to see the carefully wrapped lion sculpture arrive on the back of a large flatbed truck. The sculpture was carefully removed from the flatbed truck by a skillful forklift driver hired by the Cleveland Museum of Art. It almost appeared that the lion was smiling and saying, “Hey everyone, I’m home!” This transpired on … Read More

The Snuff Takers

The Chagrin Falls Historical Society acquired a beautiful painting by Henry Church Jr. 1836-1908. Henry Church Jr. was a Chagrin Falls Blacksmith and self taught sculptor and artist. His work is exhibited in many museums throughout the United States including the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum in Williamsburg, Va. Church also has been acclaimed for his carving of Squaw Rock and his Sculpture The Young Lion and the Fatling Together, which is now at the Cleveland Museum of Art. … Read More

A Taste of Chagrin Cookbook

A cookbook of recipes of Soups & Breads by Historical Society members, illustrated with some drawings of their historic Chagrin Falls Homes. $12.00

History of the Chagrin Hardware Company

by Don Barriball Chagrin Hardware opened in 1867 and has been in the same location for 150 years. This book is an illustrated history of the many changes since the store opened and its many owners.  The book includes pages from of old catalogues and ads printed in local newspapers, and vintage photos from the Historical Society. collection.

Cleveland & Chagrin Falls Electric Railway Co. 1897-1925

by Don Barriball The history of the Interurban line in Chagrin Falls is full of pictures and stories that illustrate how this utility effected a small community.  Don combed through years of newspaper article to compile this book, complete with many photographs from the Historical Society collection and photographs of a wide range of artifacts associated with the Cleveland and Chagrin Falls line. 120 pages $22.00

Have Less, Do More, Be More

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Planning the perfect trip

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Not the same

I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world. Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.

Finding the best coffee

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Alone and happy about it

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